HARC Housing Association’s mission is to provide high quality housing and housing services so as to enable vulnerable adults, including those with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs, to lead fulfilling lives.

HARC was incorporated in 1984 and was able to secure a significant grant from what then was called the Housing Corporation, to develop three buildings on three different sites.

These buildings were developed to provide what is now supported living accommodation for relatively small numbers of people with learning disabilities.

There are a number of other buildings on the three sites which offer similar supported living arrangements and which we now manage as well.


HARC today, now provides a housing management and maintenance and advisory service to –

 – all the tenants living on these three sites
 – a group of tenants living in another group home scheme;
 – a small number of tenants living in their own flats

We are currently working on the development of a large co-housing scheme in Gloucestershire as well as seeking to increase the number of independent flats under our management.

We work in partnership with support agencies and other housing associations on our different schemes and welcome other proposals for partnership working.

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